• Njeri Muhia

The pursuit of financial literacy

A new month brings new possibilities and opportunities to shake things up. The team have decided on a theme for September, financial literacy.

We’re highlighting the importance of making appropriate and informed decisions in relation to your financial resources. As an investment platform, we truly believe in the importance of using the financial resources available to you to unlock new prospects for yourself and for others.

Making smart investments that promise returns means that you’re spending your money productively, and spending with the aim of adding rather than diminishing value.

We live, breath and stand by this!!

Our service offering promises a two-pronged commitment to investing smartly. First, we are providing the platform, the means, and the subjects of the investments, working towards delivering significant returns to you as the investor. Secondly, we are not only changing lives in the process by investing in our people back home, but we are also working alongside our partners to spend and leverage capital to unlock deeper and more fundamental levels of business development across several sectors.

Thus, leveraging financial literacy and knowledge touches on every aspect of our business model.

With that said, we have been working hard this past few weeks and are preparing to launch our second closed investment round. Feel free to ask us about what we are structuring as we finalize the final bits.

For now, share this piece with a friend, engage us – we want to hear from you, how important is financial literacy to you? Is there anything specific you would like to learn about? Let us know! 

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