Responsible Investors Have A Role To Play In Sustainable Agriculture

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

With the world population expected to grow by two billion during the next 20 years, dramatically increasing the need for food production, investing in sustainable agriculture is becoming urgent.

The World Economic Forum predict that by 2050, demand for food will increase 70%. Feeding this expanded population nutritiously and sustainably will require substantial improvements to the global food system, one that provides livelihoods for farmers.

According to the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), 63% of surveyed investors say they are allocating to investments with a food and agriculture focus, greater than any other sector represented.

Responsible investors have a critical role to play in deploying sustainable solutions to agriculture, food and population increase challenges.

We must look to technological advances in farming practices, efficient equipment, and other means that will provide farmland managers and producers with tools to confront these challenges and increase crop yields using fewer resources.

At ZAOinvest, one of our focus is Agriculture.

For example, we are working with Kesho Rural EcoFarm in Kenya , in promoting access to impactful farm inputs credit to smallholder farmers.

Learn more on ZAOinvest projects page:

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