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  Why ZAO?

98% repayments

We have seen steady repayments from our final beneficiaries on both principal and interest. This is a result of our integrated approach with the projects on the ground; we do not only finance we connect, and we partner.

100% impact

We ensure that each and every project partner is committed to tackling one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal’s within their own communities. This gives you the confidence that for every pound invested lives are being impacted.

Be at the forefront of an African-led revolution

Invest in one of our portfolio companies, enjoy attractive returns and lead in creating positive impact.

What we offer

Invest in African entrepreneurs to enable SME development

Together with thousands of institutions and individuals around  the globe, you can invest in African SME's, earn a return and contribute to the development of African infrastructure


Impactful and profitable.


Discover our existing investment opportunities 

We have identified and selected  the best in class SMEs that are defining the future of business in Africa. Select opportunities that meet your criteria and ring true to you.

Investments that work for you.

A secure investment journey

We ensure that each and every SME has gone thorough our through  due diligence and risk assessment framework.

For every opportunity you see, we know it inside and out.


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